Information for visitors to the Woliński National Park

This National Park is public property and has been established to protect nature in its natural, most beautiful form for future generations. This area is legally protected and intended simultaneously for scientific research and tourism. A legal obligation to realize both of these objectives requires the introduction of restrictions for visitors to the Park. All Visitors to the National Park are requested to obey the following regulations:

  • Visiting is only allowed from dawn to dusk and visitors are obliged to use the marked tourist routes. Walking on dunes and cliffs is forbidden.

It is forbidden to:

  • disturb the silence, or to litter the Park,
  • damage or collect any plants or mushrooms,
  • disturb, catch or kill any animals,
  • destroy soil, stones or water springs,
  • use open fire in places where it is not permitted,
  • smoke cigarettes in places other than beaches and rest sites,
  • bring in dogs,
  • park outside the parking places,
  • fish or do water sports in inland lakes,
  • use Park equipment inappropriately.

The employees of the National Park Service are authorized enforce the observance of regulations in the area of the WNP.

All regulations for visitors to the Park are specified in the Law on Environmental Protection of 16 April 2004 (O.J. No. 92, item 880 with later amendments) and executive provisions based on it, available at the WPN Head Office in Międzyzdroje, Grodno I, tel. 91-3864953 and at the pay desks of the Nature Museum and Bison Show Reserve, as well as in Protection Districts’ offices.

You may also ask the staff of the National Park Service for help. We wish you interesting observation of wild nature and an excellent rest.

of the Woliński National Park
dr Piotr Daniszewski


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